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Book in advance for a 1 day turn around (New Parts / Components availability dependant)

Full Service 


  • Full Strip to bear frame.

  • Fork Stripped and cleaned.

  • Full frame inspection and clean.

  • All Components checked for serviceability, cleaned and re-greased.

  • Chain, Chain rings, caseete and derailleurs stripped, cleaned and lubricated.

  • Bottom Bracket and Headset stripped, cleaned and re-greased.

  • Wheels checked for servicability, brake surface check and wheel cleaned, tyres pumped to correct pressures.

  • Brakes checked, brake cables replaced and tightened as required.

  • Bearing surfaces checked, cleaned and regreased.

  • Any threaded surfaces cleaned and loctite applied as required.

  • All torque settings recorded.

Basic Safety Service


  • Brake Safety Check.

  • Brakes re-tightened.

  • Wheel and Braking surface check.

  • Wheel trued.

  • Gear Index.

  • Bottom Bracket tightened.

  • Fork removed, Headset Check for movement and re-tightened.

  • Wheel True

  • Chain and Groupset checked for wear and tear.

 *Cost of components or parts not included in this price*

Wheel True


Wobbly wheels? Cant get them running true?

This service will ensure wheels are correctly dished, checked for roundness (ensuring they are not oval) and most importantly trued (running straight not wobbling).

Di2 Service and Customisation


A Bespoke Di2 service offering a full component update, Index gearing check, and a full maintenance check on all components.

Further to this we provide a full customisation of your Di2 enpowering you to have your Di2 working how you want it. Faster gear changes? Automatic gear changes by holding in the shifter? Automatic chainring selection to accompany cassettes gear selection.